"WHAT I NEED IS HAIR." -Yeddy the negotiable snowman

Yeddy is a humanoid monster most likely living in chilly environments, his name is derived from a similar-looking legendary creature, Yeti. The humans in Area 5.1 label Yeddy as "The Negotiable Snowman". Also, he keeps many things stashed, and some of these things just so happen to help out a person to free another person, interesting.

Personality Edit

Yeddy, hence the label given to him, is negotiable and is willing to make a deal. He is very shy and sensitive but can be mean and forceful sometimes. He is, as described by himself, "bipolar".

Plot Edit

Before Riddle Transfer Edit

He once played a game called "Learning 2 Shave" which he determines as a terrible game. He was captured by men from Zone 5.1.

Riddle Transfer Edit

Phil encountered Yeddy in one of the levels in the compound of Area 5.1, after chatting with him, Phil went to Smiley's cell and asked for the hair spray found in her cell, this was given to Yeddy, who had his hair back and got a die from his stash and handed it to Phil. Phil then used the die to free Smiley (via giving the code panel a button for him to press.)

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