Viz is the main antagonist of Riddle School 5. He seems to be immune to magma and has telekinetic powers.

Story Edit

Viz started a project called Vizion in which he would decide the fate of every planet starting with Earth. By the time he reached Earth, he has reached the conclusion to erase it from existence. Diz and Quiz, presumably did not want Earth to be erased. In response, Viz gave his subordinates a chance to prove Earth wasn't worth erasing.

They set up a time-freezing bomb outside of Riddle Elementary School, and as it turned out, Phil escaped school that day and set off the bomb, swaying Viz to try and destroy Earth. After his decision, he went to Riddle Elementary School and captured Phil, Phred, Smiley, and Zack, with intentions using Zack's coldness to freeze Earth.

He began researching the four kids via placing them within dreams of them progressing through school life. Soon, Viz, Diz, and Quiz moved to another ship, leaving their prisoners on their prison ship. Sometime later, Diz altered Phil's dream mind, granting Phil freedom by killing Phil in his dreams. Viz eventually found out about it and declared him a traitor. After Phil was awake, he saved his friends and escaped.

However, Viz caught all of the kids via a tractor beam and trapped Zack in a chamber which powers a giant ice laser poited towards Earth. As it gained power, Viz surveyed in his own ship nearby. But Phil managed to turn the laser, pointing it to Viz's ship and freezing him and his ship. A floating asteroid then came and smashed into the ship.

Riddle Transfer 2 Edit

Viz was mentioned by a quick summary made by Phil in Riddle Transfer 2. It figures that he (used to) own Zone 5.1.

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