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Wiki title Edit

Hi, can anyone tell me how I can capitalize the title in the main menu? OneWeirdDude 01:25, August 18, 2011 (UTC)


Hello, I have designed a new logo for the wiki.

Here it is:

Riddle School Wiki Logo

My riddle school wiki logo

Nice! We will use it! However, it appears that the picture does not match with the logo's required size, which is 1000 width and 250 breadth. If you could, may you resize it? -User:A plant


Here a what you wanted. also it's weight not breadth (i feel if is a yes)

Go to the "Image"

Anyways, it's actually height. I was wrong about the size, it is supposed to be 250 pixels in width and 65 pixels in height. - User:A plant

Edit it. - User:XCoins

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