This page will dictate the rules of editing and publishing in the Riddle School Wiki and its community.

For those who seek to add "graffiti", or unnecessary and (perhaps) rude words, please read the Humor in Articles page of this wiki, as editors of this wiki do not wish for or want your presence here.

The following rules and the entire page are updated/created on July 1st, 2016


In the Riddle School wiki community, it is all of the editors' wish to supply information to educate others into knowing and understanding the Riddle School series. However, the wiki has a few demands necessary to make this small wiki safe and organized for the ease of reading.

  1. Follow the format of major pages. Major pages are the pages with the highest amount of information in this wiki. Therefore, it is best that we begin from there, and expand the format to organize this wiki.
    • Have similar headings (Characteristics, Plot, Shape, etc.) It is recommended that all editors should agree on a format set on the Phil Eggtree page.
    • The page is selected due to Phil Eggtree's status as the main character, and thus should cement a format likable enough to the readers and editors.
  2. Humor in Articles
    • This page should be read by most editors of this wiki.