Riddle School 5

Phil wakes up, starting the game.

Riddle School 5 was the 'ending' of the RS Series. It was made in 2010. Riddle Transfer soon came after.


When the game begins, there is Diz, Viz and Quiz talking at a conversation, making plans.Diz and Viz said to use Zack's freezing genes to freeze Earth. Phil suddenly wakes up, after a strange dream. He finds an alien coin to let the screws out of the vent blocking the way and he collects them. He escapes his subject room, going to a big hallway and trying to save his friends(clicking them before stopping their dreams will shock Phil). After he completes the life-transferring machines and the meat-dirtflower are placed on the vent, the monster guard suddenly enters Phil's room(Subject #9417). He enters the next room, saying in order to save Phil's friends, he will have to kill his friends in order to end the dream.

[After he does so, Phil is recaptured by Viz into the Vizion ship]

Viz then explains that Diz is a traitor to him for he left a system open which allowed prisoners to hear their conversation. He then locks Diz outside the control room and submerges into the lava.

Phil is then left to save his friends by aiming the freeze ray at Viz's private ship. An asteroid will end Viz. Who knew the universe could be so helpful?


  1. Look under the bed. There is an alien coin.
  2. Exit the bed
  3. Unscrew the screws and pick them up
  4. Go out the room via the vent shaft
  5. Enter the numbers into the pad