Riddle School 5

Phil wakes up, starting the game.

Riddle School 5 was the 'ending' of the RS Series. It was made in 2010


the game begins, there are Diz, Viz, and Quiz talking at a conversation, making plans. Diz and Viz said to use Zack's freezing genes to freeze Earth. Phil suddenly wakes up, after a strange dream. He finds an alien coin to let the screws out of the vent blocking the way and he collects them. He escapes his subject room, going to a big hallway and trying to save his friends(clicking them before stopping their dreams will shock Phil). After he completes the life-transferring machines and the meat-dirt flower are placed on the vent, the monster guard suddenly enters Phil's room(Subject #9417). He enters the next room, saying in order to save Phil's friends, he will have to kill his friends in order to end the dream.

[After he does so, Phil is recaptured by Viz into the Vizion ship]

Viz then explains that Diz is a traitor to him for the left a system open which allowed prisoners to hear their conversation. He then locks Diz outside the control room and submerges into the lava.

Phil is then left to save his friends by aiming the freeze ray at Viz's private ship. An asteroid will end Viz. Who knew the universe could be so helpful?


  1. Look under the bed. There is an alien coin.
  2. Exit the bed and click on the vent. Use the coin on the screws and pick up the screws.
  3. Click on the vent to release it and go in.
  4. Go to Smiley's room, which is Subject #1831.
  5. Click the far right wall. You will get meat.
  6. In the room to the left of Smiley's, get the tray and use the tray on the dirt. Get the flower.
  7. Combine the tray with the meat.
  8. Go left to Phred's room. Take the access card.
  9. Go to Zack's room on the far right side of the right side.
  10. Under his bed, there is a screw.
  11. Go to the left, and insert the screws to the panel. Put the flower on the left side, and the meat on the right. Press the button.
  12. Go to the room with the statue. Solve the tile puzzle and click on the statue. A good solution to two numbers is to click a corner square, then an edge square in certain areas. Another edge square will solve a number.[we are not telling how to get the numbers. Solve them yourself]
  13. Open the door to your room by using the card and go in it. Put the live meat on the vent. Remember, you can't place the live meat the vent until you click on the statue.
  14. Click on the statue in the other room and then use the card to close the door. Go to the right.
  15. After a short cutscene, you will see a chair with a dial pad. Entering the subject numbers on the dialpad will bring you to a certain dream:

Phred's dreamEdit

Entering 7272 on the chair's dial pad should bring you to a black screen with red static. This is Phred's dream. This takes place in Riddle School 4.

  1. Talk to Phred and ask him to borrow your sweatshirt. He will decline, saying the room is too hot.
  2. Go to the desk. There should be a piece of paper near the desk, if not, click on the desk instead. The paper should pop up.
  3. Click on the thermostat, and Phil will turn it down. Remember, this can only be done after completing the previous two actions.
  4. Ask Phred to take your sweatshirt again. He will accept.
  5. After the mini-cutscene, click anywhere to end Phred's dream.

Zack's DreamEdit

Entering 6553 on the chair's dial pad should bring you to a screen with blue static. This is Zack's dream. This takes place in Riddle School 2.

  1. Collect four quarters in the room.
  2. Click on Phred to receive the whistle.
  3. Click the whistle.
  4. Notice that Zack has turned to ice. Click on him to make Phil push him, causing him to shatter.
  5. Zack's dream will end.

Smiley's DreamEdit

Entering 1831 on the chair's dial pad should bring you to a screen with yellow static. This is Smiley's dream. This takes place in Riddle School 3.

  1. Collect the ruler and chewing gum. The gum is located on the globe; click it a few times.
  2. Combine the gum and ruler, then use it on the vent to obtain a rubber band.
  3. Fling the rubber band at the teacher. His glasses will fall off.
  4. Talk to Smiley. Phil will tell her that the teacher's glasses have fallen off. Smiley will go up to him.
  5. Click on Smiley again to end her dream.

If you've completed all three dream sequences, go to their rooms and talk to them. They will each enter an escape pod. Click on the last one and you will enter the final room of the game.

Viz's ShipEdit

After a short cutscene you are brought to a final room, where you must save the entire planet for the first time.

  1. Click on the Tooth Ultra-Paste.
  2. Click on the Sink and use the coin on the screws to obtain the Faucet.
  3. Use the Tile Device. Every square you click will activate with every square it touches diagonally.
  4. Use the other device next to it, and click the buttons so the number of clicks equals the number above the buttons. You will obtain the Key.
  5. Click on the left statue and make sure the device looks like this before clicking the button: (X = Off, O = On)





6. A mug will shoot out from the pipe. Click the red button on the left side and you will return to the ground.

7. Use the Tooth Ultra-Paste on the mug and put it back together. Then combine it with the Faucet.

8. Use the combination on the lava, then click the right statue.

9. Use the lava container on the wooden board, then insert the key.

10. Get back to the ground. Click on the ship's WHEEL and Phil will do the rest.

Riddle SeriesEdit

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