Riddle School 4 is made by JonBro (Jonochrome) and is the 4th installment of the Riddle Trilogy......

Plot Edit

In Riddle University, Mr. Munch, Phil Eggtree's teacher, has planned to eliminate Phil for quite a while before the events of this game occurred. To do so, he made a trap under Phil's seat, in which will send him down into a lava pit. Interestingly, Mr. Munch was the person who wanted Riddle University to be built on top of a volcano in order to carry out the plan. In short, whenever Phil reacts to something (via clicking on objects/people), Mr. Munch immediately presses a red button hidden under his palm, activating the trap. The rest of the game features Phil falling into the lava pit, screaming, until he falls into the lava, creating a skull and crossbones on the surface of the lava (presumably).

Spoiler Alert below in this box
This game was a dream made by Diz to wake Phil up, which is revealed in Riddle School 5.

Walkthrough Edit

- Click on anything. The result will always be, almost jokingly, the same.

Trivia Edit

  • It is not possible to have a school built on a volcano, both physically and legally. However, judging by the amount of unrealistic elements in previous games, it should just be accepted.
  • The game was released on April 1st, it was originally thought to be a joke, but it actually turns out to be important to the story.
  • It was actually made long before April 1st.