Riddle Elementary School is the place in which Riddle School takes place in. It has a long hallway and 8 rooms, Mr. Kahm's class, Ms. Cophey's class, the janitor closet, the men's and women's bathroom, the Headmaster's office, the Teacher's Lounge and the cafeteria which has a broken cookie vending machine. There are two exits located at both ends of the school, in which the right exit is barricaded.

Riddle SchoolEdit

In Riddle School, Phil Eggtree got sent to Mr. Kahm's class for teasing Smiley Sundae by making a mustard smiley face on the cafeteria wall. He escapes the class by asking the teacher to sharpen his pencil. He goes into Ms. Cophey's class and finds a feather duster in the trash can, while Ms. Cophey is teaching the students that the earth is flat. Exiting the room, he found an unlocked locker which contained a hall pass. To the right, he goes in the janitor's closet and gives 808 the feather duster in which 808 gives him a dollar. After two hallway segments, he encounters Richy, who is the hall monitor and asks Phil for a hall pass. After 2 hallway segments, Chubb Munch is sitting conveniently in front of the Teacher's Lounge connecting the Principal's Office. Phil gives him a dollar and causes him to faceplant to the ground. He meets a teacher in the lounge and the teacher demands why he is inside and why he wants to see Mr. Cwesschyn. He steals the keys in the office and then escapes the school.

Riddle School 5Edit

Riddle School 5 explains a lot about the school, which was built by aliens to prove that earth was no use freezing. However, it was when Phil escaped school which causes Viz to determine that Earth has evil intents. Time in the earth was frozen while Phil and his friends were abducted.

Riddle Transfer 2Edit

After Phil and his friends escape Zone 5.1, Phil finds a deactivated portal, and does some tinkering to pinpoint Riddle Elementary School's location. When he and his friends go through the portal, they get teleported to the school, in Ms. Cophey's class. Quiz then claimed the school and became the headmaster.