"Hey, it's me, Richy, the hall guard. Got a hall pass? 'cause if you don't, you can't pass..."- Richy

Richy 1
Riddle School
Richy 3
Riddle School 3
Gender Male
Relatives [None]
Favorite Thing Collecting
Least Favorite Thing Getting stuck
Appearances Riddle School
Riddle School 3
Riddle Transfer 2

Richy appears as a hall monitor in the first Riddle School game. He got stuck in his own locker in Riddle School 3, and it is implied this isn't the only time this has happened. When Phil obtains a slip of paper with Richy's locker combination written on it, it looks like it says "BLOBBLES", when in actuality it is "53788078" because Phil is holding the slip of paper upside-down.

Richy's locker combination is based on JonBro's obscure series of short Flash movies called Blobbles. JonBro decided to use the phrase as a locker combination when he realized he could spell out "Blobbles" upside-down on a calculator.

Richy was a high school drop out. He was too focused on collecting buttons.

As proven in Riddle School 5 though, it turns out all of the past games since one are a dream conjured by the Alien Viz.

In Riddle Transfer 2, it turns out he actually shares no interest of buttons with his dream counterpart, he gives the player glue after being given a recently obtained dollar from Chubb (from Riddle School)

Gallery Edit

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