"I'll lend you my whistle if you've got a dollar." - Phred

Phred Whistler isn't the most motivated individual in society. Since early school life, he never tries anything. Well, at least, he tries to do as little as he could. He eventually changed his mind in the end of Riddle School 5 and believed that he can do something that can perhaps benefit the world.

Phred Whistler
Phred 1
Riddle School
Phred 2
Riddle School 2
Phred 32
Riddle School 3
Riddle School 5
Gender Male
Favorite Thing Not doing something
Least Favorite Thing Doing something
Appearances All except for Riddle School 4.


Phred is Phil's best friend. Until Riddle School 5, what he enjoyed more than anything else was doing as little as he could. His outlook on his life changed at the end of Riddle School 5, and he realized one person really can make a difference.

Phred's design is more or less a recolor of Phil's, as was Zack's at the beginning of the series.

It is revealed that his last name is Whistler in Riddle Transfer, and he is given the title "Helping Hand". He is given the last name Whistler because in RS2 he sold Phil his overpowered whistle for just a dollar.


  • The only game Phred doesn't appear in is RS4 because instead of being in Mr. Munch's Classroom he is in Mr. McMaster's room, as explained in Riddle School 5.
  • Phred's shirt color changed throughout the series. In Riddle School 1 & 3, his shirt is shown to be a tan color, in Riddle School 2, his shirt is shown to be a dark yellow, in Riddle School 5 and Transfer 1, his shirt is shown to be a brownish green, in his Riddle School 5 dream, his shirt is shown to be dark red, in Riddle Transfer 2, his shirt is shown to be a brighter brownish green.
  • He is similar to Greg Sleep in the fact that Greg spent most/all of his time sleeping while Phred doesn't like doing anything.


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