Nit Wit
Nit Wit
Riddle Transfer 2
Gender Male
Appearances Riddle School 5 (Mentioned)
Riddle Transfer 2

Nit Wit is an alien that works for the three main aliens of the series: Viz, Diz, and Quiz.

Characteristics Edit

Nit Wit is depicted as a pink-skinned alien who has one eye, arm, leg, and a mouth. He does not have an eyelid, which is crucial to the plot of Riddle Transfer 2 since he needs an eye dropper around him constantly to keep his eye from drying off. Still, he claims that he functions fine without the eye dropper, but will get irritated over time.

He seems to have a high level of intelligence, at least higher than an elementary student's intellect. He claims that he can ace at Phil's school while winning a chess match.

Interesting enough, his name was thought as an intelligent name by his parents, and was therefore given to him.

He only takes orders from beings with a higher status than him, such as Quiz.

How to get past Nit WitEdit

Ask Nit Wit to take a math challenge and grab the eyedrop. When you take the eyedrops from him, go to Ms. Cophey's room and hold the eyedrops bottle from her spinning stick and put soap in the eyedrop.Then stick the eyedrop with Elmo Glue and put the bottle back. After you do that, you click on Nit Wit, and he will say the equations are child's play. Ask him if his eye is irritated, and he will respond with a yes. Once he puts the eye drops in, his eye will begin to water and burn, and he will run off, leaving you with the door.

Riddle School 5Edit

In this game, Nit Wit leaves two messages explaining that Oswald eats live meat, but can only eat what he smells.

Riddle Transfer 2Edit

Nit Wit appears in the Box Office guarding the headmaster (Quiz). He uses an eye dropper constantly.


•Nit Wit is the only alien in the series without a name ending in "iz".