Mr. O. Boe
Mr. O. Boe
Riddle School 2
Gender Male
Favorite Thing English
Least Favorite Thing His name
Appearances RS2

 Mr. O. Boe is a character found in Riddle School 2. He does not contribute to Phil's escape from school.

Riddle School 2 Edit

 Mr. O. Boe is shown to be the band teacher of PhilSmileyPhred, and Zack. When clicked on, Phil will say that he was only hired because of his name.

 To contribute to that fact, the blackboard behind Mr. O. Boe says, "I know nothing of music, but much of english.". Which was actually Mr. O. Boe's admittance that he does not know much about music, instead knows much about English. In Riddle School 5, when you click on the board again, Phil says "I never realized before, but 'english' is supposed to be capitalized."