Mr. Cwesschyn
Gender Male
Relatives killing Phil and the others
Favorite Thing Getting into fights
Least Favorite Thing Losing a fight
Appearances Riddle School 1 and Riddle

School 5 (flashback)

Mr Cwesschyn is the principal of Riddle Elementary School and is the first person Phil takes a key from the room of nate.

He could possibly a counselor too, given that in Riddle School 2, Phil bets that "the counselor at this school has the keys like last time" (italics added for emphasis).

According to Riddle School 4, Mr Cwesschyn was put to jail for life because he physically beat a student's head in televizion form the a bit punch knock outs in the fighting with Phil in Elementary school's studenting the recent least features in his own business of Phil with greatest succeeded Scroll Lock occupations and conductors and a mortals for a fight to counters Phil moves and become the supervillains, she uses the vizion weapons for fighting Phil's moves form the clocks of doom and share with the others fighting moves with the weapons in Elementary school's principal the joys of restare irresponsible of the vizion weapons and left him to killing Phil and the others form the cave emphasis.