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• 6/12/2016

Wiki Discussion - Administrators and Bureaucrats ONLY

This thread is used to discuss about the wiki.
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• 7/4/2016

So, question;

Why do we have one thread that's just used for all the wiki talk? That's weird.

• 7/5/2016

This is probably for administrators and others to ask about general questions about the wiki. You can always open up another thread, just have the topic and people will go to it.

• 7/9/2016

So, I was away for some time because I went to Indonesia. I'll be making the rules page soon.

• 7/24/2016

Oh, I'm Indonesian anyway

• 9/17/2016

Sorry for a long time to not to take care of this Wiki

I'll fix some problem soon..

• 4/21/2017

Im back editing, i will edit few pages

• 4/21/2017

Ok, also, by the way, I haven't been too productive in this wiki over the past months, hopefully I can find time to get some stuff done on this wiki.

• 5/5/2017

Hello, i just played this series

Any suggestion for newbie?

• 5/7/2017

Guys someone has been messed up the RS 5 page, i undo it like before

• 5/17/2017
Thank you people from Indonesia
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